Thursday, January 29, 2009


I ran out of excuses for not blogging last Saturday, when I finally worked out how I wanted to end the radio play I've been writing.

I don't usually write to a deadline. Not for pleasure anyway. But the competition closing date is Feb 27, and rather than leave it 'til the last minute (like I do at work), I wanted to give myself plenty of time to get it right. Because... well... this is far more important than work. It's what I'd rather be doing with my life. So, in a way, it is life. And, in the case of this particular competition anyway, it's a chance that only comes around once every two years.

So anyway, it's done. Written, read, re-read, re-written, and re-written again. Now it waits for next week, when a select group of friends from Chorlton Players will do a read-through so I can hear how the dialogue sounds when spoken and correct any lumpy bits. With that out of the way, what's been keeping me from here? Truth is, I found that I just didn't have anything to say. Maybe I'd lost the impetus, or something. Got out of the habit. Like going to the gym. Can you believe I used to go to the gym? Yeah. Twice a week for two years. But then something happened that meant I couldn't shower for a few weeks and I got out of the habit. Never went back. So think yourselves lucky. At least I was only gone for a month, not a decade.

And I still don't have anything to say.


Don said...

John, you can say nothing most eloquently.

Tvor said...

Good idea, having the radio play read out loud. (close your eyes while you listen!)

Digger said...

Don - thanks :)
Teev - I can't claim the credit, but that's why it's good to have a coach who knows about these things!