Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I've been inspired by a conversation with Nat today to engage in a writing challenge. So you can interpret the title of this post as a reboot of this blog, if you like*, but its main meaning is a reboot of my writing which is, after all, what the blog is supposed to be about. Not decorating. Or fish.

Does my writing need rebooting, I hear you ask? Or at least, I like to pretend I hear you asking. Google stats say I'm still enjoying a steady stream of visitors each day despite the cobwebs around the place, so that means (a) my readers are unbelievably tenacious and (b) you're bound to be asking something even it it's only "where the fuck are you?"

Well yes it does. Despite noodling around with an idea for a new novel over the past few months, I haven't done any of what I'd call Serious Writing since finishing War. That's... um... four years. Even at my less-than-snail's pace I could have had half a novel by now. Scary. And recently the exposure of my poetry in downloadable form and the positive feedback I've had as a result have given me enough new impetus to enter this year's Manchester Poetry Competition, for which I had to write a couple of new bits (as well as having two in my back pocket).

The challenge will take the form of "do 100 things in 100 days" which has become something of an Internet meme in its own right, but more about that tomorrow.

(*)Yes, here we are almost at the end of July and with a post count of 8 for the whole of 2012. Around one-eight of what it was this time last year and less than a 20th of what I'd written in my most prolific year.

It's not like there's nothing to write about. We set ourselves a target at the beginning of the year to finish the house in 2012. And although we probably won't FINISH, exactly, we've done loads. I haven't written about any of it. Tsk.

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