Monday, October 03, 2011

Kitchen fit: Day 11 - the granite men

After the templating activities of ten days ago we had been awaiting the delivery of the granite worktops with eager anticipation. From template to cut normally takes a week. In our case the extra time was down to the complexity of the cuts and the need to radius several of the corners to match the curve of the units.

Today, the wait was over. The granite men arrived just before 10am and within an hour more than half of the worktops were in place.

This is the small worktop to the left of where the hob will be - at the south end of the kitchen on the right. There used to be a tall built-in cupboard here. The finish we've chosen is called "riverwash" - neither the most common highly polished version (fingermark hell) or the slightly less common but still not uncommon matt (greasy fingermark hell), this has an etched surface that is slightly rippled. Still relatively rare (only the second one these particular granite guys had fitted and something the plumber hadn't ever seen). The colour is "absoluto" - the darkest kind of black.

And here's the new sink. There's been a small miscommunication about what's happening under the boiler. Granite men assumed a small box around the pipe work; we wanted a completely flat surface under the cupboard so the boxing in will eventually stretch along most of the wall, meaning the upstand had to be recut and left loose until the box is complete.

They took it all in their stride though.

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