Thursday, October 06, 2011

Kitchen fit: Day 14

A day of surprises. A day that, I thought, would be wall-to-wall painting, but which turned out to be hardly any painting at all and other much more exciting things like downdraught extractors, induction hobs and putting the fridge and freezer back into place.

Neff induction hob, with de Dietrich extractor (in "deployed" mode). Ooooh. Finally, after all the waiting we can... er... boil a pan of water. But! Never was boiling a pan of water *quite* so similar to being on the bridge of the USS Enterprise. Touch sensitive surfaces and a whizzy little dial thing that is held in place with a magnet and taps and spins to control the hotplates.

The extractor raises itself out of the depths with the touch of a finger and sinks back down again when it's finished sucking.

All this more than satisfies my life-long fascination with knobs and buttons.

Nice to have the fridge and freezer back in the kitchen too, even if it does mean that for the next three or four days we'll be performing a reversed version of the dance we first started back in July. Now the usable cooking facilities are in the dining room and all the food is in the kitchen. Back then it was t'other way round. Not for long though.

Well, I SAY not for long, but as we discovered today it'll be slightly longer than expected. Here's a photo that gives you a bit of a clue, even though the main reason for including it is to give you another perspective on the lovely new hob (purr, purr)...

See the problem? Yes, that's right. No knobs. No, I mean on the cupboards and drawers. The hob is supposed to be knobless. The drawers aren't. Slight delay in delivery. Slight as in "the week after next."

Well, we can't wait THAT long to get into our new kitchen, so the fitter's going to come up with some Heath Robinsonesque solution involving screws and masking tape apparently. Lovely.


Tvor said...

After all that, i'd just leave the knobless drawers and doors slightly open so i could get a grip on them! :)) It looks lovely, though, after all that work and inconvenience!!

Blythe said...

I didn't even realize I didn't 'properly' follow your blog until now. Well, that's that amended. I can't wait to see the PROPER finished kitchen this weekend! :D

Don said...

"The extractor raises itself out of the depths with the touch of a finger and sinks back down again when it's finished sucking"
I'll wait for the family version of this post to read the rest!

ChiaGwen said...

I now seem to be drawn to your blog (discovered through Flaming Nora's) and check it each day......sadly nothing since Oct 6...? Looks lovely so far.

Digger said...

@ChiaGwen: Apologies for the latest hiatus - family issues followed by a lovely week in the Lakes from which we have just returned. Normal service will resume shortly, and as the kitchen knobs finally arrived the day before we left for the Lakes, the kitchen is now complete! Pics to follow.