Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm such a pleb

There's a lot going on this weekend, so to fit it all it we started this evening right after work, with a visit to the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, which is on at Manchester Grammar the whole weekend.

We didn't know what to expect, but if it turned out to be "things" for sale made by craftspeople then we figured maybe we'd find a nice new ornament for the lounge, and if it was craft suppliers for crafters, then maybe Nikki would discover some useful bits and bobs, or even a new craft altogether.

It was the former. Unfortunately for us though, it was definitely at the high brow end. Three rooms of stalls populated by people who are barely on the planet talking in hushed tones about their art and thinking a ceramic bowl is worth £2,200. Too much jewellery, too much glass, too much attitude that something is worth hundreds simply because it took them (a) a long time to make it or (b) a long time to learn how to make it. Or both.

Whereas to me, it's only worth what I'm prepared to pay for it, and that figure will vary up or down depending on how original or well-made a thing is, and whether it appeals to me or not. Let me tell you, not much in any of those three rooms appealed to me at all, and the few things that did were so outrageously expensive I walked right on by with a pained expression.

I guess there are those who would be prepared to take a punt and give house room to an ugly lump of clay in the hope that the artist will become famous and the price of their incunabulae rocket. I'm not one of them. We didn't stay long.

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