Friday, November 14, 2008

Feeling rejected

One of the only nice things about being away is coming home. There are many nice aspects to being back home, but the one I'm going to write about is the downloading of several days' worth of emails and sifting through them to find the handful of interest.

Today I was treated to a couple more rejection emails from agencies. In common with the overwhelming majority of the rejections I've had so far, neither of these two had anything bad to say about the work itself. The first one simply said it wasn't for them (in other words, even in the face of my supposedly careful selection of agents, it was a genre misfit) and the second thanked me very much for considering them but unfortunately they are totally swamped with submissions at present and can't possibly contemplate taking on any more work.

I like to look on this as a good thing. So far no-one has told me it stinks. On the other hand, no-one has enthused over it either. I really would like to have ANY feedback at all. Even bad feedback would tell me more than the bland, neutral kind of rejection I've had up to now.

So for those who like to measure this kind of thing, the "score" so far is 20/0/12. Time to send off some more submissions, I reckon.

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