Wednesday, November 26, 2008

School run madness

I've commented on this before, but today I saw something that really took the biscuit. Being on the roads during the school run is always a nightmare, but I calm myself with the thought that most of the drivers have probably come from distances too far for their kids to walk, and/or not on handy bus routes. Today's candidate for my road rage didn't have any of those excuses.

The car turned out of a house on Alexandra Road South, drove to the junction with Barlow Moor Road, and then turned in to Whalley Range High School for girls. A distance of no more than 400 metres. A parent with a very lazy child, or a very lazy teacher? I don't know. Either way they shouldn't be on the road (and, interestingly, unless they make the return journey before 9.30am, they won't be subject to any congestion charge if the new scheme goes ahead).

My ire was alleviated somewhat on the return journey by the site of another cool number plate: TO 08 OSY. Spaced out to read TOO BOSY. Now is that supposed to be shorthand for too bossy, or should it really have a well-placed screwhead to turn it into too busy? You decide.


Tvor said...

Kids don't seem to be able to walk to school these days. You don't have to wonder why so many kids are out of shape! We always walked, even though the city bus could take us as well. I can remember getting absolutely drenched caught in a downpour.

Edith said...

I should have that number plate - from time to time my husband pulls out my First Grade Report Card (given to him by my own mother I might add) which reads - Lovely girl, very bright the only thing she needs to watch is that she tends to be a little bossy with the other children! Imagaine! I just feel that someone should take charge ;-)