Saturday, December 06, 2008

A hive of activity

It's amazing what you can get done when there's a party in the offing.

We're holding our annual mulled wine evening tonight, so we've been busy since about 8am this morning:
  • putting the finishing touches to the tree (i.e. hanging the red and gold beads, setting the timer, and fixing the skirt)
  • erecting the small sparkly fibre-optic tree in the lounge
  • boiling the eggs for sandwiches
  • vacuuming absolutely everywhere
  • opening up the conservatory, turning up its radiators and removing the dead flies
  • preparing the mulling equipment
  • cleaning absolutely everywhere that hasn't been vacuumed
  • hanging the last few decorations
  • fetching an uplighter so those in the conservatory can see each other
  • fixing a hook for the towel in the downstairs cloakroom
  • hanging the windchime (that's been sitting in a bag in the front porch for two years)
  • putting up the Christmas cards (two so far)
  • refilling all the tea-light holders
  • plumping cushions
  • generally tidying up and putting away of boxes
Four-and-a-half hours later and there's almost nothing left to do. Except have a shower.

And make the sandwiches.

And mull the wine (but that comes later).


Don said...

1) What the heck is an uplighter?
2) Don't mention wind chimes to Karen. She hates them. Never knew quite why. Maybe it's a thing from the past. LOL.

Seems it's only a little while ago from the last wine party you had. Times fly when you get older.

Gloria Horsehound said...

Regarding your boiling of eggs:
Did you do what I do? Which is to immediately plunge the cooked eggs into cold water thus avoiding the unsightly green ring which forms if you do not.
Thank you.
P.S. I have four cards.
P.P.S If you run out of currents for your cakes, you can use your collection of dead flies. All protein and no fat. Just a tip.

Blythe said...

I was really entertained by the other comments left, and I don't think I can conjure something as witty or amusing as what they've already stated.

Except for yay, conservatory! Memories of cheesy tea ^__^

How was the partayy, was it a hit (yours always are though, so I dunno why I have to ask =D) xxxxxx Lots of love xx

Digger said...

1) An uplighter is like a standard lamp with the shade turned upside-down. So it illuminates the ceiling and gives a soft light in the room through reflections.
2) OK, I won't. How is she with dream catchers?

Of course! It's the only way. Summat me dear ol' Mam taught me when I were nobbut a lad.
We now have 7 cards. Is this a race?
Unfortunately I think the cakes would end up a bit fluffy, as all the flies went into the hoover bag.

You're wittier than these two put together :)
The party was grand. Write-up to follow as soon as I have a moment.