Friday, December 19, 2008


Traditionally Friday is POETS day. I guess it's just possible there's someone out there who doesn't know what the heck I'm going on about, so just for you: Piss Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday.

Today I have an alternative slant on the tradition. Piss Off Early Because I'm Sick. Yes, with infinitely perfect timing, right before I take two weeks leave and with only 5 days left until Christmas, I've picked up a chest infection. Or an URTI to be more accurate. If I didn't have extra evidence I'd have to guess that I met the little blighter at one of the two Christmas dos I was at last Friday and Saturday, but since about three-quarters of Nikki's office are down with it too, I think we'll have to conclude it was this one.

So I've struggled manfully on (which by some strange coincidence I've just noticed is an anagram of man-flu-ly. Don't say a word) to finish the piece of work that absolutely had to be done today, and attend the voice conferences I absolutely had to attend, and now I've collapsed, panting, in a soggy, hacking, headachy heap here in front of my PC. The irony isn't lost on me. I wouldn't mind if the do had been especially brilliant, but had I known I'd contract lurgius expectorensis I'd have been more than happy to give it a miss.

Happy bloody Christmas. (Don't worry, I'll be better by then) (he bluffed)


Tvor said...

Have you really not blogged since Dec. 19 or am i just not seeing it? I do check and sometimes all of a sudden all these posts will appear. Do you backdate them or is my browser playing silly buggers with me sometimes?

Digger said...

No, it's right. Been busy.

Tvor said...

That's all right then ;) I don't trust computers so i thought i'd check. :D