Friday, March 27, 2009

Down day

We had nothing planned for today barring the inevitable patching up of those areas of paint that hadn't *quite* managed to remain solid with a single coat. No matter how hard I try I can never completely cover an area on the first attempt, except for that one abortive attempt to use 'Once' - or whatever that paint is called that is supposedly able to cover in one coat - paint so thick that you can hardly drag it out of the tin and with which the brush strokes dry in place to taunt you forever. Never again.

So I picked Nat up early from her place, set to with the roller and brush, and had everything finished early, leaving us time for a tasty visit to The Bar for a late lunch and pint, after which we headed Yorkshirewards to collect Blythe. Nat and Paul came with me, which made for a more interesting trip, with the time passing more quickly than usual owing to the excellent company.

Dinner was Thai noodles cooked by Blythe in her food tech class, and most excellent they were too. Even though at first sight I was convinced there wasn't enough for five people, the portion sizes proved to be spot on - those noodles with peanut sauce were very filling!

All in all, for a day in which nothing much really happened, I ended up feeling very relaxed, positive and happy, which after all is what holidays are all about innit?


Gloria Horsehound said...

You're making me re-think my kitchen decor.
Getting a trifle fed up with the white stuff am leaning dangerously close to Terracotta (again).

Noodles are cool!
Once made a Peanut stir fry with all sorts of queer gear in it. Tasted supreme but was eating crisps half an hour later:(

I'm glad you had a great holiday, and you're right you should end up feeling relaxed etc...John's had a few days orf too and he's feeling quite blissful;)
Now tea and digestive bikkie.

Tvor said...

Wouldn't mind the recipe for that. it sounds yummy!

Digger said...

My pleasure: