Monday, March 16, 2009

Kitchen refurb - phase 1 - day 1

When real builders get going, things start happening very quickly. With a great deal of crashing and banging, the step was removed and pretty soon the brickies were asking for the key so they could open the door.

Ah. Problem. We'd thought of this yesterday and realised we hadn't seen the key since we "put it somewhere safe" after last year's burglary attempt. A couple of hours' searching failed to uncover it, the upshot of which was they had to abandon plans to skin up the outside first and then take the door out. It had to be ripped out right away.

By the time they stopped for lunch, a third of the doorway was bricked and blocked, and when they finished for the day, we were (almost) secure.

The only slightly insecure aspect of the job at this stage was the broken light at the top of the window, and the presence of the scaffolding platform on a level with the window. Being a pair of worrywarts that was enough to give us a restless night even though I realised, intellectually, that the scaffold probably wasn't visible from the road. Secure or not, it was flippin' cold with the wind howling through the kitchen.

From the outside, at least from the road, the job appeared already complete. It's not immediately obvious there's a gap down the left-hand side of the window, and the new brickwork looks bazzin. Even if it is, as expected, a different colour.

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