Thursday, March 19, 2009


What a fabulous start to the first holiday of the year. A beautiful sunny day, nothing much on the schedule, a very lazy start - coffee over the puters, leisurely breakfast, a bit of planning for our trip to Wales, then Nikki took Paul for a walk to Chorlton while I busied myself with a web site project that's been waiting for spare time for a few months.

Got a phone call from Nikki around 3pm to enquire whether I'd had any lunch and since the answer was no, we repaired to the Metropolitan for a very decadent late lunch and a couple of pints. I had the Tuscan bean and vegetable pie with home-made chips and peas. Delicious.

Home again for another session on the puters before setting off at 7.30pm to visit the Buzz Club. Chorlton's famous comedy club, which closed in 2004, had recently reopened and once we learned it was on while Paul was here, a visit was a must. Good job we went tonight as it turned out, because the club is closing again and once more tonight was "the last night at the Buzz club." It's been said before but I think the organiser has been disappointed with the turnout this time round, so I think it might really be the final curtain.

We were treated to eight comedy turns. They were a bit of a mixed bag to be honest but overall it was a good night. By a mile the best act of the night was Lovdev Barpaga from Birmingham. His deadpan delivery nailed every single line of his original and funny material, even when he forgot some of it and had to read from his notes! Great stuff. I hope he goes far.

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