Monday, September 26, 2011

Kitchen fit: Day 6

Another leap forward in visible progress today as the electricians returned to start second fit.

All the lights went in (with the exception of the two over the hob space), light switches, socket covers (still not powered up) and power supplies to the appliances and appliance spaces (i.e. the hole for the fridge and freezer). A very full day's work.

On the "units" front, the kitchen fitters stayed out of the way of the sparkies and concentrated on cutting and fitting the plinths.

But the most obvious, and in many ways most exciting change, was the installation of the oven. The phrase dog's bollocks comes immediately to mind. The wiring still has to be tested so there's no power to the (double) oven as yet, but a kitchen never looks quite like a kitchen until there's an oven, and now there is.

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