Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bye bye, baby

It's gone. I posted it yesterday. So now I enter that state of mental suspension I'm sure everyone's familiar with. Where you're in a situation that you have no control over but whose outcome is really (really) important to you, so you pretend to get on with life but really you've battened down the hatches and it's like you're holding your mental breath. You're in limbo until you know. One way or the other. And you hope it's one and not the other, but if it's the other you'll shrug and say "well, it was always a long shot," while inside, you bleed.


Gloria Horsehound said...

Good luck.

angrybonbon said...

My career is based around such emotions.

Best of luck with it.

Blythe said...

That was so very poetic <3