Sunday, February 15, 2009

The unkindest cut

I don't know. I never got to it. After a week of reading, rereading, cutting and recutting, I've reduced my page count from 57 to 45 and the word count by almost four thousand. The elusive magic number of 44 pages is only a paragraph away, but I'm calling it a day.

The story is tighter, faster paced, there's no unnecessary dialogue and I'm barely a thousand words over the guideline. I don't think it's worth working it over any more. I'll be printing it tomorrow and sending it off the day after. For better or worse.

Which frees me up for my next project. What that's going to be, I have no idea. We intended to spend some time in the garden this weekend, but neither of us is enthused. I thought I might make a start painting the dining room door, but I can't get excited about that either. I think a lazy day is on the cards. After a spiffing pancake breakfast and another cup of tea, I reckon it'll be movie time :o)


Gloria Horsehound said...

I wish I could concentrate on my writing. I envy your ability to knuckle down and get things done. And already you're thinking about your 'next project'. Amazing.

Good luck Digger, not just with the BBC but with all your other work.

Don said...

Some times you just have to walk away.
Maybe someone will realize the effort you gave. Good on you John.