Saturday, February 07, 2009

The tidiest my desk ever gets... when I've just tidied it. All those piles of filing? Filed. All those things waiting to be listed on eBay, or Amazon market place? Back upstairs (still waiting, but out of sight). Shredding? Shredded.

Don't run off with the impression that everything is done. I still have a long "to do" list. But it is a list. Not eleventy-hundred separate piles all covered in a thin layer of dust. The artefacts against which the items on that list will be actioned now have a special shelf all to themselves. Yes, it's a bulging shelf, but it's all in one place.

There's been a switch around in the study too. Shelves moved, desk turned 90° to give me a view of the garden. Wall looks a little bare with no pictures, but we'll remedy that over the next few months. A traditional tennis girl scratching her bum, perhaps? See, I'm a traditionalist at heart.

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Blythe said...

Ooh, swish! I look forward to see this new study layout next weekend xx :D