Monday, June 23, 2008

Doors - a plan emerges

This morning, now the paint has dried, the need for an additional step has appeared. Applying a coat of paint has revealed several additional blemishes that weren't apparent when the door was in its original state. The darkness of the stain hid them. So I need to go over it again with the filler and sander, and apply the second coat of undercoat on top of this.

With the door on a trestle, only being able to work on one side, and needing (according to the tin) 16 hours to dry a coat of paint, this means the plan of attack now looks like this (assuming I can keep up the pace):
Today: fill and sand newly exposed marks, undercoat #2 on side 1
24/06: flip door over. Sand and apply undercoat #1 to side 2
25/06: fill newly exposed marks, sand and apply undercoat #2
26/06: apply finish coat #1
27/06: apply finish coat #2
28/06: flip door over. Apply finish coat #1 to side 1
29/06: apply finish coat #2
30/06: fit new hinges and handles

Gives me three days contingency before the plasterer arrives, in case any of the marks are still visible when the finish coats begin - I can backtrack and rework. Not that I'm expecting the door to look perfect, or like new, when it's finished. I want it to look like an original, painted door. But one that's been looked after.

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