Sunday, June 29, 2008

Now we are 50

Yesterday we celebrated the 50th birthday of the last of my mates to attain that age of distinction, at his parents' place somewhere in the quiet countryside of South Notts. A garden filled with gazebos, chairs, tables, food, games, fun, family, but most of all friends and friendship.

You have to love the Gee family. Mum and Dad are an oasis of elegant refinement and good manners in a world increasingly full of yobbishness and selfish behaviour. A reminder of how good things were in a bygone age where everyone was civil to each other, offered a helping hand and a kind word, and did their bit for the community. Their good example is carried like a torch by their offspring, who each strive in their own way to increase the joy and fun of life without being at all pious or po-faced. Just a brilliant crowd who love a laugh, and love to share that laughter.

And laugh we did. Particularly at the gunga-sized version of Jenga, which was played almost non-stop all afternoon by various groups varying in age from single figures to us lot as seen here, all stood round examining it with knowledgeable looks as if we're a bunch of architects examining Westminster Abbey.

The buffet was excellent and the afternoon passed remarkably quickly, punctuated by more games of Jenga and watching Phil open his pressies, many of which had been selected for their compliance with a "50" theme. Or to complement his forthcoming holiday. You know the kind of thing that's just right for someone approaching his second childhood: arm bands for swimming; a bucket and spade; peashooters and catapults.

Plans to decamp to the pub had been shelved in favour of staying in the garden and ordering in fish & chips, which duly arrived around 7pm in three enormous boxes. I've never eaten F&C with 40 people before, but it was a fine experience and one I'd repeat at any time!

As the sunset and the chill factor of the evening increased, a garden heater was brought out and set up under the largest gazebo. Nobody wanted the day to end, but inevitably it did, as taxis were ordered and goodbyes were said by increasing numbers of guests. We held out as long as we could, but the end the cold and the time got to us and we accepted the offer of a lift in one of the taxis heading our way. A brilliant day all round, but most of all because it's finally put an end to Phil's ability to take the piss out of our advanced ages. Now, we are 50!

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Tvor said...

A fine looking row of men, there! And fish and chips for a 50th birthday party! Excellent choice!