Sunday, July 13, 2008

A good day's work

Very pleased with progress yesterday. Although I was aching so much I could hardly move, I'd managed to turn the photo from yesterday into one that looks like this:

Starting at 9.30 and working through virtually non-stop until after 5pm I'd effectively done a full day's work - on a weekend! Wah! - but I'd had to circumnavigate the room four times in all. Washing down the cornice and picture rail with sugar soap, going round again to rinse it off followed by a third go round with the paint brush to do "the margins." Old rooms like this have a lot of margins too - both sides of the cornice, both sides of the picture rail, skirting board and windows. Took blimmin' ages. And finally around again with the roller to fill in the blanks.

Damned hard work too. Fresh plaster sucks the moisture out of paint almost instantly, so I had to work quickly. It's inevitably patchy, but I'll be going over it all again today for what is effectively the second undercoat. By then the plaster will be well sealed and ready for the colour coats. (No, we're not having a white lounge! Good grief. It *is* the cheapest base coat though, and very easy to see where you've been :o))


Gloria Horsehound said...

You poor old bean, you've just about had enough haven't you?
Just a thought. Couldn't you get a man in, dear?

Digger said...

"A man who is tired of decorating is tired of life." - Samuel Johnson

(Misquoted for centuries, of course, by the London tourist board, trying to drum up some interest in a place where anyone with any sense would only spend as much time as it takes to leave).

Get a man in? It may have escaped your notice, but I am a man, and I'm already "in." Getting someone else to do your decorating is a notion only to be entertained by southern Jessies who can't cope with the mess and the work. In my family we have a long and illustrious tradition of doing our own.

No, my only problem was the rather punishing schedule of this particular day. It's all downhill from here (not a metaphor).

Gloria Horsehound said...

"Southern Jessies"
That's fighting talk matey.
I'll kick your Bottle if you're not not careful.

And how dare you denigrate the town of my birth Sir, I'll have you know that for all its faults it's still the greatest city on earth.
It has its dark side of course, like all cities have, but I'll not have a coal eating, whippet racing, flat cap wearing Northerner who seems to spend all his time either with a glass of beer stuck to his North and South or a paint brush stuck in his Mitts disrespecting my London.
I've had my say thank you very much.

Oh and by the way I have never had a man in to do anything for me I do it all myself.
So there.

Do you still ride on Baa Lambs up North?
And your Bacon is so obviously messed up I bet you think we're still decked out in pearls down south. (actually I always am!)

I hope your Boat gets all splattered with whatever ghastly colour you decide to paint your 'lounge' .
(Isn't it only airports and hotels that have lounges?)
Typical Northerner!

I was conceived in Doncaster...

Thank you.